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Lockton MPF Consultancy Services

Building a competitive scheme that suits your business needs

Have you been reviewing your company’s MPF schemes recently?

Lockton provides you and your team with comprehensive MPF solutions including expert review and services powered by our quality providers. You can closely monitor your schemes’ performances, plan ahead and drive better outcomes for your employees.

How Lockton can help
  • Expert MPF Scheme Review
  • We assist your team when you decide to stay with your existing MPF scheme or switch to/ add a new scheme
  • We help you on implementation and communication of the new scheme
  • Fund Performance/ Fund
  • Management Fees
  • Provider Services
  • Branding
  • Value Added Services
  • Regular MPF Market Updates
  • Annual Scheme Review
  • Customized Member Briefing Session
  • MPF Day
  • MPF Post-employment Service

Trusted advisor

Lockton provides a one-stop MPF advisory service for all Hong Kong employers and employees.

By appointing Lockton as your MPF intermediary, our experts will provide you with best-in-class services and assist your Mangement/HR teams throughout the scheme review and provider selection processes. Clients of all industries count on Lockton to help optimize their benefit programmes and retain talents in an increasingly competitive market.

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MPF employer survey
We asked around 100 companies for their opinions on the benefit structures of their MPF schemes, and they rated their MPF providers based on different criteria, such as investment performance and services. The findings can certainly help you understand the current MPF benefit trends and provider satisfaction levels.
MPF Seminar / Workshop
We offer an interactive 60-minute seminar / in-person workshop for your employees to discover how MPF assets should be managed in different life stages. The workshop also covers different fund types in the MPF market, past investment performance, and MPF related products and tools.
MPF Newsletter
A periodical with major news on regulatory, market updates and investment performance for selected funds that helps you understand the latest development of MPF.

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